Imagine the possibilities with Cloapp™ + Google Glass

What if you had an app that recognized the people you were looking at and fed you with their latest status updates, check-ins and interests? Imagine the person you would be. Imagine the knowledge and benefits you would have. Well, soon you might have that app.


Cloapp for Android and Android Wear (coming soon)

Get up-to-date information on your wrist

Get up-to-date information about the people you are going to meet. At a dinner, party or a meeting.

Simply use your voice to add information

Add information and notes on the go using just your voice. You can also ask Cloapp to give you updates.

Communicate with other devices

Launch the app from your wrist, and send information to your other handheld devices running Cloapp.


Cloapp™ for Google Glass is a development concept for now, but very much a reality in the near future. 
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