Cloapp gets ready for public launch of Personal Relationship Management app Closr backed by a $300,000 Seed investment

Cloapp (, the Swedish tech startup company developing the Personal Relationship Management app Closr (, announced today that they have made a $300,000 deal for a Seed investment (with a company valuation of $1.9 million) led by Swedish serial-entrepreneur Daniel Benitez. The investment is to help the company expand its private beta program into a public launch and to claim a position as market leaders in the mobile contacts and network management segment with the next generation of Closr.

With the ever growing amount of contacts and connections in your phone and on social networks, Closr helps you to organise and use your contacts in a new and innovative way, much as Humin, Refresh and Connect - but with the major difference that Closr is focusing on the adding of personal information. Like a smart notebook connected to Contacts that gets even smarter the longer you use it, and the more of your friends that starts using it.

Alex Lewerentz, co-founder and Head of Product says:

“There are many social media aggregators out there that gives you all the information you can possibly find about your contacts, but every one seems to have forgotten the most important and valuable information of all - The information that you yourself associate with your contacts. It could be something someone tells you in a business meeting or something really personal like that it’s their sons birthday today. Where do you store this information?„Co-founder and Head of Product Alex Lewerentz

This is where Closer comes in. Combining their own stored personal information from text notes, voice recordings or memos and the cloud-based information from social networks, the app really delivers on its promise to help their users to get closer to their contacts. Much like traditional CRM, but aimed at people, not companies.

Alex continues:

“What makes Closr unique is the mix of personal information and the automated information that gets imported from social media networks. That’s a real, concrete advantage for example when trying to close an important business deal.„Co-founder and Head of Product Alex Lewerentz

Daniel Benitez, serial-entrepreneur and Seed Investor in Cloapp, says:

“I have had the opportunity to follow Cloapp since day one because our offices are right across the hallway, and during the last six months I have gone from a sceptic to a total believer in what they are doing! This really is a game-changer company that puts my contacts on steroids and combines it with social media aggregating, and on top of that adds storing of my own personal notes. And that's just scratching the surface. This is an extremely innovative company.„Serial-entrepreneur Daniel Benitez

Two of the co-founders of Cloapp met while working together in a project within the CRM-industry with advanced social listening tools to generate qualified leads and auto-fill contact records with relevant information in the form of “ice-breakers” and suggested mutual interests in late 2013. After being introduced to the third co-founder in the summer of 2014 it all went really fast. In less than four months from incorporating the company, the Swedish tech startup released their first version and launched a private beta program that include key individuals from industry heavy weights like Rebtel, H&M and Salesforce.

Plans for 2015 includes a public launch of Closr for iPhone in AppStore, and an app for Apple Watch.