Cloapp adds $60.000 Angel Investment to kick-start development of Personal Relationship Management app Closr

Cloapp, the Swedish tech Startup company building the Personal Relationship Management app Closr, announced a $60.000 Angel investment round (with a company valuation of $1.2 million) by Arnosa Trade & Invest Ltd.

The investment will be used to secure the office setup in Uppsala, as well as to develop the first working prototype of Closr - an app that the company says "will forever change the way we use Contacts".

Built as a smart content layer between your local Contacts and social media networks, Closr lets users add information and remember important things about their contacts. It also helps them find and re-discover common touch points and interests within their network.

“The Smartphone Contacts is the least developed social network out there, still everyone is using it to initiate some kind of communication multiple times every day. Closr is evolving the Contacts and at the same time giving business users a powerful tool for getting closer to their contacts, close more deals and to stay up to date with their entire network.„ - Co-founder and Head of Product Alex Lewerentz.

Peter Jörgne, the CEO of Arnosa Trade & Invest Ltd believes this approach on Contacts is the next big social "thing".

“Cloapp is a very exciting company that brings a new innovative approach to disrupt the way we use contacts today. With a rapidly growing number of contacts on an equally rapidly growing number of social media networks, we really need to get a grip of the essence in every conversation; who we are talking to, where we meet and what topics we are discussing - so that we can pick up on that the next time we meet. I’m really looking forward to getting this app myself. I needed it yesterday!„ - Arnosa Trade & Invest Ltd CEO Peter Jörgne