Welcome to the Closr Dashboard!

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We're now introducing real-time analytics, coaching and gamification for sales teams using the Closr app. The Closr Dashboard, (Closr for Business) is the next step in our product roadmap which means we are now also open for teams!

Closr is the perfect tool for high performing sales teams. Organize your customer interactions on a real-time dashboard to visualize the members of your sales team and your current sales activities. 

Try Closr Dashboard 30 days for free. No credit card needed and you will be up and running in minutes. Set up your team at https://dashboard.closr.io


Track interactions with our mobile sales and relations app

Use the Closr app to add notes, voice memos, photos and last-met locations (encounters) to your contacts on a timeline and track your interactions such as calls, mail, text messages and sent/ received electronic business cards on the new Dashboard.


Get rewarded for your hard work!

Team goals as well as individual awards and badges are visualized on the team score board in real-time to add that extra edge.