'Closr - sales and relations' now also available for Android


A short message from Cloapp:

Today we launched our Closr - sales and relations app for Android.

Use Closr to track interactions such as calls, mail, text messages, meetings and casual encounters, as well as taking notes, voice memos and photos to build a relationship timeline on your contacts - and to get reminded when you need it.

You can use the Closr app as a stand alone personal relationship manager to improve your relations and close more deals, or you can use it to gamificate your sales team!

Download it on Google Play here:

Welcome to the Closr Dashboard!

awards-with device.png

We're now introducing real-time analytics, coaching and gamification for sales teams using the Closr app. The Closr Dashboard, (Closr for Business) is the next step in our product roadmap which means we are now also open for teams!

Closr is the perfect tool for high performing sales teams. Organize your customer interactions on a real-time dashboard to visualize the members of your sales team and your current sales activities. 

Try Closr Dashboard 30 days for free. No credit card needed and you will be up and running in minutes. Set up your team at https://dashboard.closr.io


Track interactions with our mobile sales and relations app

Use the Closr app to add notes, voice memos, photos and last-met locations (encounters) to your contacts on a timeline and track your interactions such as calls, mail, text messages and sent/ received electronic business cards on the new Dashboard.


Get rewarded for your hard work!

Team goals as well as individual awards and badges are visualized on the team score board in real-time to add that extra edge.

We've just closed our biggest funding round to date at a company valuation of $22.5 million!

Cloapp, the company developing the sales- and relationship management app Closr, just closed a post-seed round of an unspecified amount at a valuation of $22.5 million. The new funds comes mainly from the current investors.

The additional funding follows the strong belief in the company's new b2b product "Closr Dashboard" (formerly referred to as "Closr for Business"), a subscription based web service that ties together teams of users using the Closr app and lets managers and team leaders set up goals and gamificate their sales.

The Closr app itself has already had a rapid growth among productivity app users in both Sweden, Germany and US during the last nine months, and are also starting to generate premium users. At the same time the company has been busy signing up big companies for the new Closr Dashboard and can already boast one of Swedens biggest banks, as well as a big real estate portal as vital pioneer customers, and there are many more in the process getting on-boarded already.

"With Closr Dashboard you get a visual overview of your sales people and all their activities. You can then set your own goals, have sales competitions and coach your team to greater sales - while also having fun together!"

Alex Lewerentz, CEO & founder at Cloapp

The Closr Dashboard has been the main project at Cloapp since they strenghtened the team with new CTO Rikard Askelöf, former Rebtel and Genifejden and Board member Fredrik Saatchi, former Regional Vice President (Northern Europe) at Salesforce CRM/Exact Target at the end of last year.

The Closr Dashboard will be open for teams to join in April 2017.

Fredrik Saatchi new board member at Cloapp

Cloapp announces the addition of Fredrik Saatchi to its Board of Directors

Fredrik Saatchi is the former Regional Vice President of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, with extensive knowledge of the CRM industry. Before that he worked in different Management roles at Swedish telecom company Tele2, Google and Microsoft. Fredrik is currently Vice President at Universum.

We are thrilled to have Fredrik join us, and his knowledge of the CRM industry will be crucial for Cloapp now that we are focusing on a more traditional b2b-model for our app Closr.

Alex Lewerentz, CEO & founder at Cloapp

Fredrik has already started helping out as an advisor during the development of Cloapp Relationship Hub and the transformation of Closr into a more traditional CRM b2b-model. The company's new app Nearby will continue to cover all the aspects of connecting new people together as well as adding a new and innovative ebusiness card designer to the mix. Soft launch for Nearby is planned for December this year.

With already thousands of users, I believe Closr has a great opportunity to claim the position as number one mobile CRM application for the SME market where today no large player is having a compelling offer. Todays SME customers drive their business via the digital interface and to manage relationships more efficient is key for their success.

Fredrik Saatchi, Board Member at Cloapp

Cloapp hires new CTO, former Rebtel and Swedish quiz-app Genifejden


Cloapp (www.cloapp.com) announced today the hiring of new CTO, Rikard Askelöf.

Rikard is the founder of the successful Swedish quiz-app Genifejden and has a background working together with Cloapp CEO Alex Lewerentz at Rebtel where he was Technical lead and Web Team Manager for three years before leaving in 2015. Before that he also worked at Isotop and Doberman.

Rikard will start right away, and he'll be tasked with overseeing the development of the new Nearby Web platform and the 'Cloapp Relationship Hub' that also serves as a backend to both of the company's mobile apps Closr and Nearby. Rikard is also a highly skilled Android developer and will help speeding up the process of the Closr for Android release next year.

I'm thrilled to join the team during this time and to set the direction for a scalable and robust technical platform to support Cloapps exciting new services.

Rikard Asklöf, CTO at Cloapp

And according to Alex, he has been trying to get Rikard involved in Cloapp for some time now.

Since our time together at Rebtel in 2014 I have been trying to get Rikard involved in Cloapp. With the things we did together at Rebtel in mind, this time we will move mountains. This is big news for us, and in the exact right moment!

Alex Lewerentz, CEO & co-founder at Cloapp

Speaking of the right moment. Cloapp is currently in the middle of their biggest investment round to date with a valuation of a staggering 200 MSEK that will be completed over the next few months. With already over half of the capital secured within the first two weeks, Alex thinks this winter will be a real turning point for Cloapp.

We went from a thousand to over 10.000 users the first six months this year and we learned a lot. We also launched the first premium feature this summer so now we understand more of how people are willing to pay for our services. That is why we are now splitting Closr in two apps, adding a powerful eBusiness card designer and launching a new Web interface. This way we will have innovative offers for both our private and business users on our relationship platform.

Alex Lewerentz, CEO & co-founder at Cloapp