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Back to the roots - new Closr Website

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Since 2015 when we started Cloapp, we’ve always had the vision of helping people to remember important things, connected to the people they meet. It can be simple things like name and age of someone’s child, favorite football team or an old story from growing up together.

But of course also things associated with business.

This is what drove us to launch the Closr app back then, and this is still our main drive. The Closr Dashboard (Closr for Business) is an extension of this, and more - for companies and teams.

We believe working with sales should be engaging, fun and rewarding. Since we couldn't find anything delivering on that, we created Closr Dashboard. It’s based on our own gamification platform and includes automated sales coaching through push, mail and even through third party such as Slack.

In short:
The Closr app will always help you to remember those specific things about people you meet and keep a relationship timeline of all your interactions with that person. For yourself. Used together in a team with Closr Dashboard, it’s also about team activity, goals and awards.

Our new website (, launched last week) shifts the focus back to where we came from, but at the same time emphasizes all the good we can do for you as a company when using the app together with our beautiful dashboard.

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Read more about what we have accomplished since 2015 on our new website.
Download the app for personal use (free) or sign up your company/sales team for a 30 days trial.


Introducing Deals!

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Today we launched Deals in Closr Dashboard.

With Closr Dashboard you can now also track your deals through a sales pipe with; 1. Opportunity - 2. Negotiation - 3. Proposal - 4. Win/Lost. It shows current team velocity on sent proposals and wins, and highlights weekly winners and your team average win ratio.

Used together with the gamification features of Closr Dashboard this really completes the service for small and medium sized companies with mobile sales people.

Read more, and set up your team today at


Welcome to the Closr Dashboard!

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We're now introducing real-time analytics, coaching and gamification for sales teams using the Closr app. The Closr Dashboard, (Closr for Business) is the next step in our product roadmap which means we are now also open for teams!

Closr is the perfect tool for high performing sales teams. Organize your customer interactions on a real-time dashboard to visualize the members of your sales team and your current sales activities. 

Try Closr Dashboard 30 days for free. No credit card needed and you will be up and running in minutes. Set up your team at


Track interactions with our mobile sales and relations app

Use the Closr app to add notes, voice memos, photos and last-met locations (encounters) to your contacts on a timeline and track your interactions such as calls, mail, text messages and sent/ received electronic business cards on the new Dashboard.


Get rewarded for your hard work!

Team goals as well as individual awards and badges are visualized on the team score board in real-time to add that extra edge.

We've just closed our biggest funding round to date at a company valuation of $22.5 million!

Cloapp, the company developing the sales- and relationship management app Closr, just closed a post-seed round of an unspecified amount at a valuation of $22.5 million. The new funds comes mainly from the current investors.

The additional funding follows the strong belief in the company's new b2b product "Closr Dashboard" (formerly referred to as "Closr for Business"), a subscription based web service that ties together teams of users using the Closr app and lets managers and team leaders set up goals and gamificate their sales.

The Closr app itself has already had a rapid growth among productivity app users in both Sweden, Germany and US during the last nine months, and are also starting to generate premium users. At the same time the company has been busy signing up big companies for the new Closr Dashboard and can already boast one of Swedens biggest banks, as well as a big real estate portal as vital pioneer customers, and there are many more in the process getting on-boarded already.

"With Closr Dashboard you get a visual overview of your sales people and all their activities. You can then set your own goals, have sales competitions and coach your team to greater sales - while also having fun together!"

Alex Lewerentz, CEO & founder at Cloapp

The Closr Dashboard has been the main project at Cloapp since they strenghtened the team with new CTO Rikard Askelöf, former Rebtel and Genifejden and Board member Fredrik Saatchi, former Regional Vice President (Northern Europe) at Salesforce CRM/Exact Target at the end of last year.

The Closr Dashboard will be open for teams to join in April 2017.

Q&A with Cloapp CEO Alex Lewerentz


When Cloapp launched their Personal Relationship Management app Closr, it helped transform the way people look at CRM-tools today.

As most of the traditional CRM-tools centers around the need to get an overview of the sales force and visualizing sales pipelines, Closr brings something new to the table. It’s a CRM-tool created for the end users, based on the users’ already existing personal networks. And it’s app only. That’s why they are calling it a PRM-tool. They want their users to focus on constantly improving the relations with the people they meet, and by doing that - close more deals. Closr taps in to the phone’s contacts, calendar, calling and e-mail so you really don’t have to add anything yourself, except your own personal notes. Whether it’s text, voice, photos or locations, Closr got it covered and then reminds you about it in a new and innovative way exactly when you need it the most.

With the likes of Salesforce, LinkedIn and Facebook all moving towards this space but from different angles, Cloapp CEO Alex Lewerentz is preparing for war in 2016 with a brand new version of Closr (3.0) just about to launch next month. Here’s a short Q&A we did about growth, new features and how the transformation of CRM as we know it will continue. We also asked the question about who he thinks is the world’s biggest closer.

Mobile CRM really started to take off in 2015, and now we see the big companies like LinkedIn and also Facebook making a bigger push into the space. How is Closr going to differentiate itself?

The CRM-landscape is dramatically changing, I think we all can agree on that. But we try not to get distracted by the other companies already in, or entering this space because we know that it’s inevitable. The best and only thing we can do is to stay true to our own vision about focusing on always improving people’s relations. And by doing that we think we are innovating and moving the space forward in our own direction.

How has the first six months been, and how is your current growth for Closr?

Before Closr was released we had a very successful Early Access Program fueled by the massive press we got during last summer. Which meant we really hit the ground running from day one. But since the public launch in September we haven’t really told that many people that we exist. We’ve just been focusing on the product, building a tool people want to use and listening very careful to the existing user base. It is that core of early adopters that actually came up with the networking feature MINGL that is now fully integrated in the latest version.

What are your growth expectations for Closr in 2016?

Growth is our theme for 2016. But like I said, we're still at a point where we mainly focus on building an app that people love to use. What new features do we think would create a great user experience? How do users want to take notes? How and when would they like to get reminded about important information? We think that as long as we do that good, the product will grow by itself. Because people in sales, marketing and networking generally wants to get closer to the people they meet, and need help remembering the most important things about them. Something as simple as remembering where you last met and who else was there could actually help close a deal.

What's new in Closr 3.0? What other new features can we expect in 2016?

First of all it's a brand new UI based on our new, green graphical identity. We completely re-designed the user experience in the app to center around one contact list that now also includes MINGL and new connections. It was actually Nami from Truecaller that put us on the right track there. We have also added a lot of automation which means the app does a lot of work for you in the background pulling information from calendar, contacts and interactions. For example automatically putting people you meet on top of your list for easy finding and adding of information and also the use of location based triggers. And that's just the start of it. Last but not least, the profile is completely redesigned and it now contains a timeline and a few key metrics to follow up on. Later in 2016 we are planning to launch the Android version and then we will focus on the release of Closr for Business.

What can you tell us about Closr for Business?

Closr for Business will be the world’s first true relationship management tool for mobile teams. Basically we’re building a seamless collaboration and sharing functionality around contacts, information and locations. Since Closr is app only compared to many other traditional tools, we are really focusing on the benefits of geo location and to build smart reminders. We are also working really hard on predictiveness and machine learning. This tool is something the employees will love to use, and it comes with built-in addiction to get to know your contacts better. Just face it, CRM tools are obsolete. The best tool for handling relations with the people you meet is the one that the members of your team are already using. Remember that I said that. 

Finally, who is the world’s biggest closer, and does he/she use the app?

Fredrik Eklund, the New York-based Swedish real estate broker in the TV show ”Million Dollar Listing New York” is definitely the world’s biggest closer! If he is using our app? Probably!